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Our History

Though the history of cheerleading at CHS has been a rocky one, the future is bright! Many coaching changes over the years had made it difficult to build up a strong program. In the mid-late 90's, Coventry was at the peak of it's performance at the State competitions. Now, head coach Erica Schulman, in her seventh year, has secured  the cheerleading squad's spot at Coventry High School, and has shifted her focus to making Coventry Cheerleading a successful program first in the NCCC, and eventually at the State Level. The squad began competing again in the 2007-2008 school year when Coach Erica took over.

In the 2009-2010 Winter season, the squad made history. The 2010 squad placed 3rd in the NCCC Cheerleading Competition, and also taking home a 2nd Place trophy at the EHS Knight's Duel the same day. They went on to compete for the first time in the Co-Ed Division at States and finished 12th. Their best placement at States in recent history..  

 The Fall 2011 Tryouts brought out the largest turn out of prospective cheerleaders in our 5 year history, with an overwhelming amount of incoming Freshmen! This is very exciting for the future of our program!

The 2011-2012 Winter Season, while faced with numerous setbacks which caused the squad to change their routine with each competition, managed a repeat of the 2009-2010 season with a 3rd Place finish at NCCC and a 2nd Place finish at the Knight's Duel. 

The 2012-2013 season took on the smallest squad in Coach Erica's tenure with 12 girls, however was incredibly talented and strong. The team worked very hard all season and ended up competing the last 2 competitions with just 10 girls affectionately referred to as the "Tough Ten". We suffered two heartbreaking losses during the NCCC Championship & The Knight's Duel, due to penalties and we are looking for redemption this year!


The Competition Records for CHS Cheerleading since the 07-08 school year are as follows:


NCCC Championship (conference)
8th Place
Take One Challenge
6th Place
CIAC/CAS State Cheerleading Championships
13th Place (10th Place before penalty deducations) out of 13 - Competed All Girl Small



Oxford High School "Spirit Spectacular"
13th place
Torrington High School "Compete for a Cure"
5th Place
NCCC Championship
8th Place
CIAC/CAS State Cheerleading Championships
13th Place!! out of 17 - Competed All Girl Small



NCCC Championship

3rd Place!!!!

Ellington High  School " Knight's Duel"

2nd Place!!!

CAS/CIAC State Cheerleading Championships

12th Place (out of 16)  - Competed Co-Ed



Naugatuck High School "Greyhound Showdown"

3rd Place

NCCC Championship

place unknown, did not medal

Ellington High School "Knight's Duel"

4th Place

CAS/CIAC State Cheerleading Championships

14th Place (out of 18) Competed All-Girl Small



Seymour High School Competition

2nd Place

CCSU Devil's Dare 

Did not Place

NCCC Championship

3rd Place!!!!

Ellington High School Knight's Duel

2nd Place!!!!

CAS/CIAC State Cheerleading Championships

21st Place after deductions (competed All Girl Small)


Cheer Fest 2013 @ Watertown High School

8th Place

Windsor Warrior Challenge

6th Place

NCCC Championship

5th Place (3rd before 10pt deduction for long fingernails)

Ellington High School Knight's Duel

4th Place (3rd before 10pt deduction for stepping on a sign)

CAS/CIAC State Cheerleading Championships

Did not attend


2013-2014 - TBA

CheerFest @ Watertown High School (1/18/14) 

*Exhibition of Cheer only. Score = 38.6/65


Windsor Warrior Challenge (2/15/14) 


NCCC Championship (3/1/14)

Ellington High School Knight's Duel (3/1/14)

CAS/CIAC State Cheerleading Championships (3/7/14-3/8/14) Date TBA