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Better than expected...

Posted by cheerleadingchs on January 21, 2014 at 1:35 PM

Saturday we attended CheerFest at Watertown High School, which is a competition I would recommend to anyone. Sherry & her crew are amazing and so nice. The Watertown girls are also very sweet, we wish them the very best fo luck this season! This was our second year attending, and I will continue to attend as long as I am coaching.

We went into Saturday not sure if we were going to be doing any performance at all. We worked hard and managed to finish learning the routine on Thursday night, however there just simply was not enough time to perform it with music and it would have been a coaching disgrace to have them compete. However, we DID perform an exhibition of the cheer portion of the routine. The girls had a rough warm up.. spacing was off, stunts were not hitting, motions were terrible -- our very first run through, they looked like they didn't even know there were motions at the very end of the cheer! However, in true Coventry High School Cheerleading fashion, they picked themselves up and they practiced the motions. We went over the motions to that section SEVERAL times before they went on to perform for real.

They kicked off the All-Girl Varsity portion of the day and did a great job! The pyramid was extremely solid (which was noted on their score sheet!) and the cheer looked pretty decent. Everyone looked like they knew the motions at the end as well! It was a performance they (and I) can be proud of. There are minor things that need adjusting and we definitely need to up the spirit level & tighten up the motions, but overall, a decent performance...especially given the are we or aren't we back-and-forth we went through all week as to whether or not they were going to do anything at all.

It was great experience for the girls who have never competed at a high school level before, and it was good for me to get some feedback on the cheer. The judges didn't really say much that I didn't expect at all, which is a good thing for me. I feel very good going in to the next 25 days as we prepare for the Windsor Warrior Challenge and then off to NCCC/Knight's Duel!




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