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Weighing in on the new scoring rubric...

Posted by cheerleadingchs on October 23, 2013 at 1:45 PM

So I'll just sound off about the changes that came last night.

We were presented with a new scoring rubric. You can now score tenths of a point (they started this last year but the score sheet up was updated to reflect it) which is good b/c realistically there IS a difference between a 5.5 and a 5.9 and that should be acknowledged.

The biggest changes were in the breakdowns of stunting, motions/dance, and tumbling. What used to be 10 point categories are now broken down into 2 categories 7pts/3pts. Still 10 points, however now you are scored seperately on difficulty(7 points) and execution(3 points). I'm sure there are some seriously mixed opinions about the new scoring system, but from the first look, I am a fan of this change...of course once we start competing and we see it in actiont hat will really either affirm or reverse my feelings. :0

When I look at this system a couple things come to mind... first thing I say "THANK YOU!" from the teams that have limited tumbling ability because we used to score about 1.7/10, which hurts...a lot. And I'm using all possible tumbling I have: rolls, cartwheels, roundoffs and the occasional walkover. Even if they were the best forward rolls in the world, I still was not going to score higher than a 2 out of 10. NOW... I still may only get a 1-2 on the difficulty range, which makes complete sense, but that's a 1-2 out of 7, and I still have a chance to recoup 3 points based off of my squad's execution. So now I have the potential to score a 4/10. That's a 2-3 point improvement for my squad in that category. I love it. Now I don't have to force my squad to try things to scrape for an extra couple tenths of a point. Instead, we focus on really perfecting the skills we do have...and I imagine judges will be VERY picky, which is fine, it just levels the playing field a bit for us.

I can't decide if this same scale is going to hurt us in the stutning aspect..only time will tell there, but I think overall it's going to be a good change.

The other biggest thing that comes to mind is that this *SHOULD* deter coaches from throwing in poorly executed skills into their routines, which *SHOULD* lead to 2 big things: 1)Cleaner Routines 2)Safer Routines. Too many times you see a team trying to perform a skill that is clearly too advanced for their current talent level, and it looks like crap and it's a safety risk. A couple years ago (I didn't see last year) every single routine at States had multiple falls..likely attributed to those reasons. Coaches felt it was more worth it to risk a shakey elite stunt, than stick with a solid advanced stunt. The logic behind that is twisted, yet they had a point. I don't buy into that philosophy..mostly b/c my high school coach didn't either. She wasn't about flashy routines..she was about solid routines. She always told us "solid, clean routines will win every time" and most of the time she was right.

I try my best to coach with a similar philosophy. While I enjoy a little flash and flair, I believe that you need to stay within your talent/skill range. Sometimes that's difficult to scale back. We all start with a "fantasy" routine and then have to water it down a bit until it reaches a level that your current squad can meet. I think last year was the first year I coached strictly with that philosophy...we stuck to basic stunts/pyramids..and sometimes even those weren't perfect, BUT when the entire routine was done CLEAN (NCCCs/Knight's Duel) they would have beat out most other teams. So it does still work. That's true for stunting.. however NOT true any longer for motions, transitions and dancing. The emphasis is being put on faster, more complex, flashier motions. It forces us to get creative...which is something I love..I also wish you got kicked a couple of bonus points if you DON'T use a choreographer. :) Give us coaches who do it OURSELVES some extra credit! (it'll never happen, but it's nice to wish for)

There were a few rule changes that allow us to do some stunts that haven't been legal in the past, but nothing too crazy, just allowing for more creativity..which is always nice. I still have my "baby" of a creation that I am waiting for a squad of mine to get down so we can include it in a routine. Hopefully THIS will be that year!

Cheers! *\0/*

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